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What Can We Offer

What Can We Offer?

The aim of counselling is to enable people to work towards living  their lives in a more positive and satisfying way. Our counsellors all  work with the Person-Centred Approach and aim to offer each client deep  acceptance, understanding and a commitment to being in a genuine  relationship.

  • Counselling can provide a safe, supportive relationship where feelings can be sensitively explored and shared.
  • You will be supported in developing your own resources for coping.
  • Our service is confidential.
  • The first meeting is an opportunity for you to meet the counsellor  and explore whether counselling is what you need at this particular time  in your life.
  • Sessions last about one hour and are usually at weekly intervals,  but you might prefer a shorter or longer time between sessions.


Why Come For Counselling?

There are times in everyone’s life when we feel overwhelmed by circumstances or feelings. 

Counselling may help when:

  • Facing a major crisis or loss.
  • Experiencing stress at work or redundancy.
  • Having difficulties with relationships.
  • Experiencing conflict with a partner, children or parents.
  • Living with domestic violence.
  • Dealing with serious illness or disability.
  • Coping with bereavement.
  • Experiencing negative or painful feelings following accident or abuse.
  • Feeling lonely, isolated, depressed or frightened.

Sometimes we can benefit from the privacy of talking to a counsellor  who has the time to hear all of our story and can help us come to terms  with how we feel.

Sharing these feelings can often help people towards a better  understanding of themselves and a clearer view of their difficulties and  how they may be faced.

Who Are Our Counsellors

All of our staff have undertaken Diploma Courses in Counselling which are recognised by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Our counsellors are all individual members of the British Association  for Counselling and Psychotherapy and practice in accordance with its Ethical Framework.

What Will it Cost

 The project aims to offer an affordable counselling service, but as a  registered charity, we will ask you to contribute to the cost of each  session. This will be discussed with your counsellor. 

Getting in Touch

 Please use the “Contact Us” page to get in touch.

Alternatively, you can email:

Phone our confidential Voicemail: 01555 773983;

or write to:  Clydesdale Counselling, Room 6, Carluke Business Centre, 31 Hamilton Street, Carluke ML8 4HA.

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